Christmas Competition Special Rules

Participation Criteria:

  • Open to all registered Social Vibes users.
  • Participants must adhere to the overall Community Guidelines and Social Vibes Values as written here.

Content Submission:

  • Users are encouraged to post creative and festive content related to the daily Christmas challenges.
  • Submissions should be original and can include photos or videos.
  • We recommend video submissions to be no longer than 30 seconds.
  • At least 10 activities or daily challenges should be genuinely completed in order to qualify for prizes

Judging Criteria:

  • The Social Vibes team, consisting of a diverse panel, will judge submissions based on creativity, originality, adherence to the challenge theme, and overall festive spirit.
  • Judging will be conducted transparently, prioritizing fairness and creativity.


  • 1st Prize: 2 Cinema Tickets & 2 Premium Packages (Adventure Deck + Activity Enhancements + Core Adventures).
  • 2nd Prize: 1 Chocolate Box & 2 Adventure Fusion Packages (Adventure Deck + Activity Enhancements).
  • 3rd Prize: 2 Adventure Decks.
  • Winners will be announced on our social media and contacted via email for prize distribution, ensuring privacy compliance.

Competition Timeline:

  • The competition starts on December 4th and ends on December 29th.
  • Winners will be announced in the first weeks of January.

Rights and Permissions:

  • By participating, users grant Social Vibes the right to use their submitted content for promotional purposes, in line with our terms of service.
  • All content must be appropriate and in line with the values of respect and inclusivity.


  • Any content deemed inappropriate, offensive, or not in the spirit of the competition will lead to disqualification.
  • Social Vibes reserves the right to disqualify any participant found violating the guidelines.

Feedback and Queries:

  • For any questions or feedback regarding the competition, please contact our support team, who are well-informed about the competition details.

Additional Notes:

  • The competition is designed to be accessible and inclusive, encouraging participation from a diverse user base.
  • In case of disputes, a clear process is in place to handle them fairly and effectively.

By participating in the Social Vibes Christmas Competition, users agree to these specific rules and conditions. Let’s make this Christmas season an unforgettable adventure of creativity and joy!

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