2021: Shaping Social Vibes

Assembling the Team: The year 2021 marked the official commencement of Social Vibes’ journey. Vidar and Haydar, bolstered by their shared vision, began assembling a diverse team. Friends and interns came onboard, contributing their skills and passion to the burgeoning project.

Artistic Flourish: A key addition to the team was a talented Romanian artist, Alexei, who brought a touch of beauty and relevance to the app through his captivating couple illustrations. His art played a significant role in giving life to the various activities within Social Vibes.

Initial App Developments: The team’s efforts were channeled towards developing the app’s core features. The initial version included game sessions, random activity assortments, and the ability for partners to connect and embark on activities together. This foundational build laid the groundwork for future enhancements.

Micro-Influencer Outreach: In a bid to attract users, the team engaged with micro-influencers. Although challenging, these efforts provided valuable insights into user acquisition and engagement.

University Collaboration & Revelations: A pivotal collaboration with CPHBusiness University brought forth enlightening survey findings. A comprehensive study conducted by the university revealed a shift in target demographics, suggesting a greater appeal for Gen Z. This revelation steered Social Vibes towards a younger, more digitally-engaged audience.

Rebranding and Strategic Shift: The end of 2021 saw a strategic pivot in branding and app development. Armed with insights from the survey, the team embarked on a rebranding journey, adapting the app’s focus to cater to Gen Z’s preferences and addressing the growing concern of loneliness among young people.

2021: A Year of Discoveries and Growth

Recruitment and Expansion: As the year progressed, it became evident that scaling up the team was crucial for the app’s success. New recruitments were made, bringing fresh talent and perspectives to the Social Vibes family.

Building a Stronger Foundation: The year concluded with a fortified team and a renewed sense of purpose. The insights gathered and the challenges faced laid a solid foundation for the future, setting Social Vibes on a path of continuous improvement and innovation.

2021 was a year marked by learning, growth, and transformation for Social Vibes. From initial app development to strategic pivots, each step played a significant role in shaping the app into a platform poised to make a meaningful impact in the digital social landscape