2020: Rekindling the Vision

Reviving the Dream: In 2020, the embers of Social Vibes, initially conceived as Duo Cards, were reignited. Vidar partnered with his long-time friend, Haydar, to breathe new life into the concept. Together, they envisioned a broader scope for Social Vibes, expanding its reach and depth.

Expanding the Horizon: The duo set out to redefine the initial idea, infusing it with fresh features and a more comprehensive plan. Their shared passion for enhancing relationships was the driving force behind this phase, enriching the concept to include social media elements, thereby transforming it into a dynamic social hub.

Sketching the Blueprint: This year was marked by brainstorming sessions, where Vidar and Haydar meticulously sketched prototype designs and laid down a strategic roadmap. Their collaboration brought a renewed ambition to the project, elevating it from a relationship enhancer to a platform catering to a broader audience with diverse needs.

A Vision for Gen Z: The duo’s efforts were directed towards creating a platform that resonated with the younger generation. They envisioned Social Vibes as a space where Gen Z could forge meaningful connections, embracing the digital landscape while nurturing real-world interactions.

The Foundation of a Dream: 2020 was a year of planning and conceptual development for Social Vibes. The groundwork laid during this period was instrumental in shaping the app’s future trajectory. It marked the transition from an idea simmering in the background to a plan set in motion, ready to be brought to life.