2014: The Spark of Inspiration

Conceptual Genesis: In 2014, the idea of Social Vibes, initially known as Duo Cards, was ignited in the mind of its founder, Vidar. This was a time when the digital age was rapidly transforming how we connect, often leaving deeper, meaningful interactions by the wayside. Vidar envisioned a solution to bridge this gap—a concept that would evolve into Social Vibes.

Beyond Digital Encounters: Vidar’s vision was clear: to transcend the superficiality of casual online interactions, which often culminated in nothing more than “Netflix and chill.” His idea was to infuse the excitement and immersive qualities of video games, like the epic adventures found in World of Warcraft, into real-life relationship building.

Gathering Expert Insights: To give his idea a solid foundation, Vidar sought insights from professionals who understood human connections deeply. He consulted with therapists and sexologists who recognized the potential in his vision. They encouraged Vidar to develop a product that could foster healthier habits and deeper connections in relationships.

Artistic Collaboration: To bring the idea to life visually, Vidar collaborated with a gifted Italian artist. This partnership was instrumental in crafting the first physical representation of what would become Social Vibes – a set of beautifully designed cards meant to spark not just conversation but memorable shared experiences.

Pivotal Feedback: As Vidar delved deeper, he conducted surveys and focus groups. It was a revelation when these studies indicated that more than 20% of couples felt a lack of satisfaction in the quality of their shared experiences. This feedback was a crucial turning point, highlighting the need for Duo Cards to evolve beyond physical cards to a more dynamic, accessible format.

The App Development Decision: Realizing the broader impact and scalability of his idea, Vidar began exploring the app development route. Initial cost estimates from agencies were significant, prompting a temporary pause. However, the dream of creating a platform that redefined connection and engagement in activities persisted. This period of reflection and planning set the stage for the eventual emergence of Social Vibes—an app with a community-driven heart, designed to ignite adventures and enrich lives through genuine connection.