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Oplev spændende eventyr skræddersyet til dig med forskellige temaer og aktiviteter, som kan låses op. Tag på solo-eventyr, uforglemmelige udflugter med venner eller særlige øjeblikke med din partner for at skabe minder, der varer hele livet!

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Byg din streak op, optjen point og lås seje belønninger op. Følg din udvikling, mens du forbedrer dine færdigheder, og sammenlign dine præstationer med andre i en positiv atmosfære. Vis dine bedste resultater frem for verden!

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Spring ud i omhyggeligt tilrettelagte aktiviteter, der vil berige dit sociale liv med uforglemmelige oplevelser. Uanset om du er til solo-udforskninger, gruppe eventyr eller romantiske stunder, vores Premium eventyr pakke tilbyder en bred vifte af spændende muligheder. Tag på eventyr alene og opdag skjulte perler, saml dine venner til uforglemmelige udflugter, eller skab intime minder med en særlig person. Her er et glimt af alt, hvad du vil modtage:

  • 50 fysiske aktivitetskort og 4 unikke kort

  • App-funktioner og forbedringer til hver enkelt aktivitet

  • 9 eventyr med temaer

  • Over 200 app-baserede aktiviteter

  • Endeløs sjov og uforglemmelige oplevelser

Daglige Challenges

  • Hver dag byder på spændende nye kreative, sjove eller sociale udfordringer, som du kan kaste dig ud i

  • Tag aktivt del i fællesskabet og interager med andre.

  • Bevar din streak og bliv belønnet for din indsats

  • Fotografér din bedrift og del den med verden

  • Hav det sjovt og nyd de spændende udfordringer sammen med dine venner

Eventyr med temaer

  • Find dit ideelle eventyr

  • Opdag hundredvis af visuelt berigede aktiviteter

  • Lad dig inspirere af andre

  • Inviter eller udfordr andre til at deltage

  • Bliv belønnet for din udvikling

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The Spark of Inspiration

2014: The Spark of Inspiration Conceptual Genesis: In 2014, the idea of Social Vibes, initially known as Duo Cards, was ignited in the mind of its founder, Vidar. This was a time when the digital age was rapidly transforming how we connect, often leaving deeper, meaningful interactions by the wayside. Vidar envisioned a solution to bridge this gap—a concept that would evolve into Social Vibes. Beyond Digital Encounters: Vidar’s vision was clear: to transcend the superficiality of casual online interactions, which often culminated in nothing more than “Netflix and chill.” His idea was to infuse the excitement and immersive qualities of video games, like the epic adventures found in World of Warcraft, into real-life relationship building. Gathering Expert Insights: To give his idea a solid foundation, Vidar sought insights from professionals who understood human connections deeply. He consulted with therapists and sexologists who recognized the potential in his vision. They encouraged Vidar to develop a product that could foster healthier habits and deeper connections in relationships. Artistic Collaboration: To bring the idea to life visually, Vidar collaborated with a gifted Italian artist. This partnership was instrumental in crafting the first physical representation of what would become Social Vibes – a set of beautifully designed cards meant to spark not just conversation but memorable shared experiences. Pivotal Feedback: As Vidar delved deeper, he conducted surveys and focus groups. It was a revelation when these studies indicated that more than 20% of couples felt a lack of satisfaction in the quality of their shared experiences. This feedback was a crucial turning point, highlighting the need for Duo Cards to evolve beyond physical cards to a more dynamic, accessible format. The App Development Decision: Realizing the broader impact and scalability of his idea, Vidar began exploring the app development route. Initial cost estimates from agencies were significant, prompting a temporary pause. However, the dream of creating a platform that redefined connection and engagement in activities persisted. This period of reflection and planning set the stage for the eventual emergence of Social Vibes—an app with a community-driven heart, designed to ignite adventures and enrich lives through genuine connection.

Rekindling the Vision

2020: Rekindling the Vision Reviving the Dream: In 2020, the embers of Social Vibes, initially conceived as Duo Cards, were reignited. Vidar partnered with his long-time friend, Haydar, to breathe new life into the concept. Together, they envisioned a broader scope for Social Vibes, expanding its reach and depth. Expanding the Horizon: The duo set out to redefine the initial idea, infusing it with fresh features and a more comprehensive plan. Their shared passion for enhancing relationships was the driving force behind this phase, enriching the concept to include social media elements, thereby transforming it into a dynamic social hub. Sketching the Blueprint: This year was marked by brainstorming sessions, where Vidar and Haydar meticulously sketched prototype designs and laid down a strategic roadmap. Their collaboration brought a renewed ambition to the project, elevating it from a relationship enhancer to a platform catering to a broader audience with diverse needs. A Vision for Gen Z: The duo’s efforts were directed towards creating a platform that resonated with the younger generation. They envisioned Social Vibes as a space where Gen Z could forge meaningful connections, embracing the digital landscape while nurturing real-world interactions. The Foundation of a Dream: 2020 was a year of planning and conceptual development for Social Vibes. The groundwork laid during this period was instrumental in shaping the app’s future trajectory. It marked the transition from an idea simmering in the background to a plan set in motion, ready to be brought to life.

Building the Dream

2021: Shaping Social Vibes Assembling the Team: The year 2021 marked the official commencement of Social Vibes’ journey. Vidar and Haydar, bolstered by their shared vision, began assembling a diverse team. Friends and interns came onboard, contributing their skills and passion to the burgeoning project. Artistic Flourish: A key addition to the team was a talented Romanian artist, Alexei, who brought a touch of beauty and relevance to the app through his captivating couple illustrations. His art played a significant role in giving life to the various activities within Social Vibes. Initial App Developments: The team’s efforts were channeled towards developing the app’s core features. The initial version included game sessions, random activity assortments, and the ability for partners to connect and embark on activities together. This foundational build laid the groundwork for future enhancements. Micro-Influencer Outreach: In a bid to attract users, the team engaged with micro-influencers. Although challenging, these efforts provided valuable insights into user acquisition and engagement. University Collaboration & Revelations: A pivotal collaboration with CPHBusiness University brought forth enlightening survey findings. A comprehensive study conducted by the university revealed a shift in target demographics, suggesting a greater appeal for Gen Z. This revelation steered Social Vibes towards a younger, more digitally-engaged audience. Rebranding and Strategic Shift: The end of 2021 saw a strategic pivot in branding and app development. Armed with insights from the survey, the team embarked on a rebranding journey, adapting the app’s focus to cater to Gen Z’s preferences and addressing the growing concern of loneliness among young people. 2021: A Year of Discoveries and Growth Recruitment and Expansion: As the year progressed, it became evident that scaling up the team was crucial for the app’s success. New recruitments were made, bringing fresh talent and perspectives to the Social Vibes family. Building a Stronger Foundation: The year concluded with a fortified team and a renewed sense of purpose. The insights gathered and the challenges faced laid a solid foundation for the future, setting Social Vibes on a path of continuous improvement and innovation. 2021 was a year marked by learning, growth, and transformation for Social Vibes. From initial app development to strategic pivots, each step played a significant role in shaping the app into a platform poised to make a meaningful impact in the digital social landscape

Gen 2 Takes Shape

2022: A New Direction for Social Vibes Leadership Transition: The year began with a significant change; Haydar had to step down for personal reasons. Vidar took the reins, purchasing Haydar’s shares. This transition marked a new chapter for Social Vibes, maintaining the essence of their shared vision while preparing for an evolved direction. Team Expansion and Talent Influx: The team witnessed notable growth, welcoming diverse talents from around the globe. Slovak developers Niko, Tomi, and Filip joined, infusing fresh technical expertise. Marta and Stachu boosted the marketing efforts, and Danica, the new illustrator, began revamping activity illustrations with a contemporary touch. Rebranding for Broader Appeal: Under Vidar’s leadership, the team undertook a comprehensive rebranding initiative. The brand’s colors, themes, and style were reimagined to resonate more with the Gen Z demographic. This strategic shift not only enhanced the app’s visual appeal but also aligned it more closely with the preferences and trends of the younger generation. Enhanced Product Development: The development team delved into refining the app’s functionalities, working on prototypes, and enhancing features. This period was marked by a rigorous process of iteration and testing, ensuring that each new version of the app offered an improved user experience. Addressing Technical Challenges: As the team examined the existing app code, they encountered challenges related to scalability and outdated systems. Addressing these issues became a priority, leading to significant backend improvements and a move to more robust infrastructure like Google Cloud Platform. 2022: Laying the Groundwork for Scalability Preparing for the Future: The end of 2022 was a period of strategic preparation. Recognizing the potential of Social Vibes, Vidar and his team embarked on a recruitment campaign to build a robust team capable of bringing the vision of Social Vibes to fruition. Building a Strong Foundation: The collective efforts throughout the year were focused on creating a scalable and effective platform. The team’s dedication to overcoming challenges and continuously improving the product set the stage for the next phase of Social Vibes’ journey. 2022 was a transformative year for Social Vibes, marked by leadership changes, team expansion, and strategic rebranding. The challenges faced and the solutions implemented during this year were crucial in shaping Social Vibes into a platform ready to make a significant impact in the realm of digital social interaction. The stage was set for the next generation of Social Vibes, poised to connect and engage users in a way that was more meaningful and relevant than ever before.

Social Vibes Gen 3.0 – A New Era Begins

2023 January: A Fresh Start with Social Vibes Gen 3.0   Embarking on a New Journey: January 2023 marked the beginning of an exciting chapter for Social Vibes. With a clear vision and a comprehensive strategy in place, the team was ready to launch the latest and most refined version of the app – Social Vibes Gen 3.0. Team Synergy and Agile Principles: The development process was spearheaded by Klaudia, the newly appointed Product Manager, alongside Vidar, acting as the Project Leader. Embracing Agile principles, they led a diverse and passionate team of over 15 international professionals, each bringing unique perspectives and skills to the table. Technical Upgrades for Enhanced Performance: The app underwent significant technical improvements, including a migration to Google Cloud Platform for better scalability and smoother user experiences. The code was meticulously revised and optimized to ensure a stable and responsive platform. User-Centric Design and Features: The focus was on creating an intuitive user experience, reducing unnecessary clicks and enhancing the fun factor. The new Adventure Hub became the starting point for users’ journeys, surrounded by a wealth of exciting activities, now illustrated with even more care and creativity. Feedback-Driven Development: The team actively incorporated user feedback into the development process. Each iteration of the app was designed to address user needs and preferences, ensuring that Social Vibes Gen 3.0 not only met but exceeded user expectations. 2023 January: The Launch of a More Engaging and Dynamic App A Warm Reception: The launch of Social Vibes Gen 3.0 was met with enthusiasm and positive responses. Users appreciated the revamped UX/UI, relishing in the more engaging and seamless navigation. Building a Strong Community Foundation: The release of Gen 3.0 was not just about technical improvements; it was about laying the groundwork for a vibrant, interactive community. The app’s new features were designed to encourage connections, adventures, and shared experiences, resonating deeply with the Gen Z audience. The launch of Social Vibes Gen 3.0 in January 2023 was a pivotal moment, symbolizing the culmination of hard work, innovation, and a deep understanding of the target audience. It was the beginning of an era where digital connections would transcend the screen, fostering real interactions and meaningful relationships. This version of Social Vibes was more than just an app; it was a gateway to a world of adventures, a platform where every user could embark on a journey of discovery, connection, and fun.

A Community Event to Remember

Feb 2023: The Social Vibes Treasure Hunt An Eventful Gathering: February 2023 saw Social Vibes venture into a new realm of community engagement with an exciting Treasure Hunt event. This public and competitive event was designed to bring the Social Vibes community together in a real-world setting, mirroring the app’s spirit of adventure and connection. Remarkable Turnout: The event attracted over 80 participants, a testament to the growing interest and enthusiasm for the Social Vibes platform. It was a vibrant mix of current users, new faces, and enthusiastic adventurers, all ready to dive into a day of exploration and fun. Engagement Beyond Expectations: The Treasure Hunt was more than just a game; it was an immersive experience that fostered real connections among participants. The quality and creativity of the event were so high that many attendees expressed they would have gladly paid for such an experience. Positive Feedback and Community Bonding Strengthening Bonds and Forming New Friendships: Feedback from the Treasure Hunt was overwhelmingly positive. Participants not only enjoyed the event but also felt a stronger connection with those they met, whether they were friends or strangers. This aligns perfectly with the core mission of Social Vibes – to foster genuine connections and create memorable experiences. A Benchmark for Future Events: The success of the Treasure Hunt set a new benchmark for Social Vibes’ community events. It demonstrated the potential of the platform to facilitate real-world interactions that are engaging, fun, and meaningful. The Social Vibes Treasure Hunt in February 2023 exemplified the essence of the platform – bringing people together for memorable experiences. The event was not just a success in terms of participation but also in its ability to translate the virtual connections from the app into tangible, real-life interactions. It was a clear indication that Social Vibes was more than an app; it was a community of adventurers, ready to explore, connect, and create stories worth telling.

The Launch of Social Vibes Gen 3.0

April 2023: Unveiling Social Vibes Gen 3.0 A Major Milestone: April 2023 marked a significant moment in the Social Vibes journey with the launch of gen 3.0. This release represented the culmination of months of dedicated work, embodying a new vision and an enhanced user experience. Revamped and Ready: The new version showcased a complete overhaul in both design and functionality. With improved UX/UI, users were greeted with a more intuitive, engaging, and fun interface. The focus was on reducing unnecessary interactions and streamlining the user’s journey. Feature-Rich and User-Centric Introducing the Adventure Hub: At the heart of the update was the new Adventure Hub, a central point in the app where users’ journeys begin. It was designed to be an immersive gateway to a wide array of exciting activities, tailored to individual preferences. Aesthetic and Functional Enhancements: The app not only received a visual makeover but also functional upgrades. New activities, enhanced with beautiful illustrations, added depth and variety to the user experience. Additionally, the backend underwent significant improvements for smoother performance. User Feedback at the Core Driven by Community Insights: This launch was heavily influenced by user feedback. The team actively listened to what the community wanted, returned to the drawing board when necessary, and emerged with a version that resonated more deeply with the users’ needs and expectations. The Launch Impact A New Chapter for Social Vibes: The launch of version 3.0 wasn’t just an update; it was a redefinition of what Social Vibes stood for. It signified a step forward in the mission to fight loneliness and create a platform that genuinely impacts lives positively. Gearing Up for Growth: With a more robust, appealing, and user-friendly app, Social Vibes was now better positioned to scale and reach a broader audience. It set the stage for increased user acquisition, engagement, and retention. April 2023’s launch of Social Vibes 3.0 was a pivotal moment, demonstrating the evolution of the app from a concept to a dynamic, user-focused platform. It was a clear signal that Social Vibes was not just adapting to the needs of its community but was leading the way in innovation and user experience in the social connection space.

Friends & Profile Update in Social Vibes

June 2023: Enhancing Connections and Personalization A Social Leap Forward: In June 2023, Social Vibes took another significant step by introducing the Friends & Profile update. This new feature was a response to the growing need for deeper social connectivity and personalized user experiences within the app. Connecting Users More Closely: The update brought a more sophisticated friends structure, allowing users to easily connect with others on the platform. This feature aimed to foster a sense of community and make it simpler for users to interact, share experiences, and inspire each other. Profile Personalization and User Expression Express Yourself: The revamped profile pages now included stylish banners, enabling users to showcase their personalities and interests more vividly. This addition provided a canvas for self-expression and made each profile unique and engaging. More Than Just a Profile: These profiles went beyond basic user information. They became a reflection of the users’ adventures, achievements, and social circles within Social Vibes, adding a new dimension to their digital identity. Feedback Driven Development Listening to the Community: The Friends & Profile update was a direct outcome of listening to the users’ feedback. By understanding their desire for more social features and customizable profiles, Social Vibes continued its commitment to evolving with its user base. A Collaborative Effort: The development of this update was a collaborative process, involving inputs from various team members and testers. This approach ensured that the new features resonated well with the target audience and met their expectations. Impact of the Update Strengthening Social Fibers: By enabling users to connect more meaningfully and express themselves creatively, the Friends & Profile update strengthened the social fabric of the Social Vibes community. A Platform That Grows With You: The update reaffirmed Social Vibes’ position as a dynamic, user-centric platform. It showcased the app’s ability to adapt and grow alongside its users, continually enhancing their experience. June 2023’s Friends & Profile update marked a new chapter in Social Vibes’ story, one where user connections and personalization took center stage. It was a testament to the app’s ongoing evolution and its commitment to providing an enriching, inclusive, and deeply social experience.

Stats & Photo Editor Feature Release

September 2023: Introducing Enhanced Engagement A New Level of User Interaction: In September 2023, Social Vibes unveiled a pivotal update that significantly enhanced user engagement. The introduction of the Stats & Photo Editor features represented a fusion of functionality and creativity within the app. Tracking and Growth: The Stats feature provided users with an intuitive way to track their progress, achievements, and activities. This data-driven approach allowed users to set goals, monitor their growth, and stay motivated. Personalized Photo Experiences Creative Expression: The Photo Editor was a game-changer for how users shared their adventures. It enabled them to personalize their activity photos with fun and creative edits, adding a unique touch to their shared experiences. Share and Inspire: This feature encouraged users to not only participate in activities but also to creatively showcase their experiences, fostering a vibrant and visually engaging community. User Feedback and Development Responsive to Needs: The Stats & Photo Editor features were developed in response to user feedback seeking more detailed tracking and creative sharing options. Collaborative Innovation: The development team, alongside user experience experts, worked closely to ensure these features were both user-friendly and added real value to the Social Vibes experience. Impact and Reception Enhanced User Engagement: The introduction of these features saw a significant increase in user engagement and content sharing. The Stats feature provided a sense of achievement and progress, while the Photo Editor sparked creativity. Community Building: These features played a crucial role in strengthening the Social Vibes community. Users were more active and connected, sharing their unique perspectives and experiences more creatively. The Stats & Photo Editor update in September 2023 marked a significant milestone for Social Vibes. It encapsulated the app’s commitment to continuous improvement and user-centric innovation. By providing tools for tracking personal growth and enhancing creative expression, Social Vibes reinforced its role as a platform that not only connects people but also celebrates their individual journeys and shared adventures.

A Global Adventure Unfolds

October 2023: A Global Adventure Unfolds International Excitement: In October 2023, Social Vibes launched the Yes Fam Adventure, a groundbreaking event that transcended borders. This international adventure connected users from multiple countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Portugal, Spain, and the Balkans, through a series of fun, interactive activities. Building a Global Community: The event was designed to pressure test the Social Vibes platform across different cultures and geographies, showcasing its versatility and global appeal. Event Highlights Participation and Engagement: Over 100 participants joined the Yes Fam Adventure, engaging in a variety of tasks through the Social Vibes app. The event fostered a sense of global community, bringing together people with a shared love for adventure and connection. Creating Memories: One participant remarked it was the best day of their life, highlighting the profound impact of the event. The app facilitated memorable experiences, allowing participants to connect with new friends and engage in fun, meaningful activities. Technical Triumph App Performance: The Yes Fam Adventure served as a crucial test for the Social Vibes app, proving its capability to handle large-scale, multi-country events seamlessly. The app functioned flawlessly, enabling participants to share content and experiences in real-time. Feedback and Improvement: The successful execution of the event provided valuable insights and feedback, helping further refine the app’s features and user experience. Marketing and Exposure Media Coverage and Social Media Buzz: The event generated significant buzz on social media, with participants actively sharing their experiences. This publicity provided excellent exposure for Social Vibes, attracting new users and potential partners. Conference Networking: Concurrently, Social Vibes participated in the TechBBQ conference, networking with potential investors and partners, and promoting the platform’s capabilities. Integration of AI Technology Midjourney AI Utilization: During this period, Social Vibes also integrated stronger AI capabilities with Midjourney, enhancing the platform’s ability to generate new experiences and adventures. This technological advancement underscored Social Vibes’ commitment to innovation and user engagement. The Yes Fam Adventure in October 2023 was a milestone for Social Vibes, exemplifying the app’s capacity to bring people together across continents for shared adventures. It not only demonstrated the app’s robust technical capabilities but also its power to create unforgettable experiences, fostering a sense of global community and adventure.

Expansion and New Horizons

November 2023: A Month of Growth and Innovation for Social Vibes Launch of the Physical Product: In November 2023, Social Vibes launched its first physical product, the Adventure Deck, intricately connected with the app. This marked a significant expansion of the Social Vibes offering, providing users with a tangible element to complement their digital experience. Seamless Integration: The Adventure Deck was designed to integrate seamlessly with the app, enhancing the overall user experience and offering new dimensions of interaction and fun. Sales and Reception Initial Sales Period: Although it was the initial sales period for the Adventure Deck, the response was positive, indicating a promising future for this new venture. The tangible product offered users a new way to engage with the app’s adventures. Feedback Collection: As sales data was still being gathered, the team focused on collecting user feedback to understand the reception better and plan for future iterations and marketing strategies. User Growth and App Downloads Focus on Scaling: With the app and physical product now in place, the focus shifted towards scaling user growth. The team employed a multi-faceted approach to increase app downloads and product sales. Marketing Strategies: This included paid advertising on platforms like Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and Google, alongside a robust social media marketing campaign. The team also leveraged networking and outreach in various groups to spread the word about Social Vibes. Team Dynamics and Development Challenges Overcoming Obstacles: Throughout the year, the team faced and overcame numerous challenges, including rebranding and redeveloping the app. Each obstacle was met with perseverance and innovation, leading to a stronger and more scalable product. Positive Team Environment: The challenges faced brought the team closer together, fostering a collaborative and dynamic work environment. November 2023: A Foundation for the Future Setting the Stage for 2024: As 2023 drew to a close, Social Vibes was positioned for significant growth and impact. With a strong team, a well-received product, and a clear vision, the stage was set for further scaling and success in the coming year. November 2023 was a pivotal month for Social Vibes, characterized by the launch of a new product, strategic marketing initiatives, and a focus on user feedback and growth. It marked a period of consolidation and preparation for the next phase of the journey, setting the foundation for continued innovation and expansion.

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