How to play!

Social Vibes is your gateway to living life to the fullest, a platform dedicated to enriching your days with meaningful experiences and unforgettable memories. It’s about embracing new adventures, connecting deeply with friends old and new, and nurturing bonds that last a lifetime.

At the heart of Social Vibes lies a spirit of exploration and creativity. We’re here to ignite your passion for life’s adventures, big or small. From acts of kindness that brighten a day to thrilling escapades that quicken the pulse, Social Vibes accompanies you every step of the way.

Our platform is as unique as your journey. We encourage you to tailor it to your personal story. Be imaginative, be bold, and most importantly, be yourself. Whether you’re following our activity prompts or inventing your own games, Social Vibes is your canvas for crafting a life rich with experiences and connections. Dive in, let your creativity flow, and transform every moment into a story worth telling with Social Vibes.


Tackle a handful of cards and conquer their activities! No skipping here, so you have to power through the activities!


You decide if you play this game mode alone or with friends!

Choose a timeframe that suits your adventurous spirit:
1 Day
3 Days
7 Days
Custom Timeframe:
Set your own thrilling timeframe!

How to play:

1. Draw five cards and embark on the activities they unveil, armed with enthusiasm.
2. Each time you triumphantly conquer a card, draw a new one to keep the fun flowing.
3. Continue this cycle until your chosen timeframe elapses, reveling in the thrill of completion.

Blind Rush

Dash through as many activities as possible within the timeframe! You can skip an activity, but it will cost you.


You decide if you play this game mode alone or with friends!
Each team/person should have their own stack of cards to go through

Choose your preferred time limit:
Ultra Rush:
6 hours – Veto period: 20 minutes
Standard Rush:
24 hours – Veto period: 30 minutes
Custom Timeframe:
Set your own thrilling timeframe!

How to play:

1. Draw a card and dive into the activity!
2. Racing against the clock to complete as many activities as you can.
3. Want to skip a card? You can veto it, but beware the time penalty mentioned above


Surprise your friend with an exhilarating activity chosen from their own favourite cards —thrills guaranteed!


Request your friend to handpick five of their favourite cards.
Select one of those cards without revealing your secret choice.

How to play:

1. Prepare a surprise adventure based on the activity from the card you’ve selected.
2. Present your friend with the surprise activity, watching their face light up with astonishment and glee.


Explore a world of tailored adventures! Choose your favorite categories and immerse yourself in activities that resonate with your interests.


Decide if you’re playing solo or with friends.
Pick your preferred adventure categories from a diverse list: Art, Culinary, Sport, Games, Travel, Adventure, Chill, Educational, Social, Good Karma, and Personal Growth.
Determine the duration of your game: a quick day-long venture, a standard week, or a custom period that suits your adventurous soul.

How to play:

1. From your chosen categories, draw cards that align with your interests, unveiling a world of customized adventures.
2. Embark on each activity with zeal and creativity, experiencing the joy of tailored adventures.
3. As you complete each activity, draw new cards from your selected categories, ensuring a continuous flow of excitement and discovery.
4. Keep the momentum going within your chosen timeframe, immersing yourself in a personalized journey of fun and exploration.